We Prep. You Cook.

We provide fresh food from your local restaurant that you cook in your own home  in minutes. You get a fresh meal not from a warehouse but directly prepared by the chefs from your neighborhood  restaurant for you to cook at home fully prepared– ready in minutes

Meet The Chef

That’s YOU… Your local restaurant provides and prepares everything for you to cook up an amazing meal in minutes. Imagine, having a restaurant-quality meal delivered to your home at a fraction of the cost, Great Food, fresh… premeasured, chopped, ready for you to  cook.

“Our Meal-Kits are ready to cook when you are”.

Experience Fine Dining at Home... with Lower Cost, Delivered Fresh...

Experience professional chef-inspired meals at home. Fresh ingredients and recipes straight from your local restaurants.

Local Restaurants to-your Table

Premium Ingredients Access to fresh, restaurant-grade ingredients. Because they know where to get the good stuff.

Time Saver just about a ~15-minute cooking process. Each kit includes an easy-to-follow recipe card!

Super Easy No chopping, peeling or marinating. 100% prepped ingredients. Just cook & eat.

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Recieve or take out your Mise box from the fridge. Inside you’ll find your meal’s mise en place: cut, peeled, marinated & prepped ingredients. No knife skills needed here!

"[Mise] partners with local Manhattan restaurants and offers step-by-step instructions so that you can channel your inner chef!"

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